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Creating Real Solutions For You!

Our years of support experience can help your business find comprehensive solutions.

Support Centre Solutions
Fully-fledged call centre support staff
with expert sales and support training.
Debt Management Solutions
We offer consumers the opportunity
to reclaim their financial health.

Why You Should Choose Consumer Centric Solutions

We have the people, expertise and technology solutions to ensure superior service, whether it is in sales, customer service etc.

Our holistic solutions also take into account the lives that it has the capability to transform, providing jobs and on-site training to thousands of South Africans, who we ensure are sufficiently upskilled and can successfully deliver excellence.

Benefits of Outsourcing
  • Skilled Workforce
    Gain access to a full set of skills thanks to highly trained professionals to fill your human resource gaps.
  • Improved Performance
    Outsourcing allows you to focus on the core business functions, which helps you improve your performance.
  • Reduce Timelines
    You can outsource nearly any area of skills your business needs, reducing training and execution time.
  • Additional¬†Benefits
    Bilingual Call Centre, Scalability Call Centre, Ensure Business Continuity, Enhanced Technology, Accountability & Transparency.
  • Saving Money / Cost Management
    Save on important and vital operational costs such as Recruitment, Rental
    space, Hardware etc.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
    The choice of entrusting your call centre services to knowledgeable experts leave customers with positive impressions of your company. They feel more valued, appreciated and understood. An outsourcing company can improve your response time in a matter of minutes and decrease call abandonment and unhappy, unsatisfied customers
  • Working with experts
    Outsource call centre support if you want to connect your company with the most polite
    and professional experts. Call Centre outsourcing offers tested-and-proven processes and have already gained extensive experience for your advantage

We pledge the following to our Sector:

  1. Ensure quality, skilled and well trained staff to be allocated to all our clients.
  2. Develop a multi-talented skills pipeline that continues to meet the needs of our current and future business opportunities.
  3. Train and develop local youth within the BPO sector, thereby uplifting our communities.
  4. Ensure that we adapt to the ever changing technological business environment
  5. Ensure that we play our part in developing the BPO sector in South Africa & Western Cape through our ethical and professional conduct

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